Born this way

Born and raised in the Bas-du-Fleuve (Lower St. Lawrence River) area of the province of Quebec, in Eastern Canada, I remember being constantly writing. From unfinished Tintin fan fictions to the longest fantasy essay in class. From “anguished” teenager poetry to rewriting my favorite pop songs. In French first, then in English. Writing has always been my thing, whether it was to share emotions, projects, or bring awareness to something.

It was no surprise when, after completing my college (CEGEP) degree in Literature & Cinema (2000), I enrolled & graduated with a Bachelor degree (B.A.) in Journalism (History minor – 2003) at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQÀM). 

A new passion

In 2009, a new passion entered my life, after a week in New Orleans: traveling. After a few trips, it was clear to me that a travel blog was the next logical step to take!

That is when I created the blog The Plus-Size Backpacker in April 2013, mostly inspired by my struggle to find equipment adapted to my body size as I was preparing a trip to India. It was the first (English) blog to be entirely dedicated to the concerns of plus-size women travelling. As the “one-woman-band” behind the blog, I held the roles of Community Manager, Product Tester, Travel Organizer, Bilingual Writer, Webmaster and Plus-Size Travel Know-It-All for this new project.

In 2015, I started writing The Ultimate Guide to Plus-Size Backpacking (in French: Le Manuel des routards taille plus), which was released as an e-book in February 2016. The same year saw the launch of La Backpackeuse taille plus, the French version of The Plus-Size Backpacker blog.

The following year, my testimony on how hiking can contribute to unleashing plus-size women’s inner athletes in Big Fit Girl (by Canadian trainer & author Louise Green – 2017) alongside the words of World Champion weightlifter Sarah Robles and reality TV star Whitney Way Thore.

Good Thing Come in Threes?

After spending 4 years researching and writing about the concerns of female plus-size travelers, a newspaper article bashing Julia SH’s photographs of fat women triggered the activist fiber in me. Since July 2017, I have written numerous pieces about fat-phobia and the discrimination experienced by people of size. I have since developed a unique expertise that allowed me to speak about the reality of fat-phobia and weight stigma in many different media outlets.

The Big Step

In August 2019, after 2 years of occasional posts on fat-phobia on The Plus-Size Backpacker, I decided to launch – Infos & référence, a web platform dedicated educating the general public on the discrimination experienced by fat people, diet culture and related topics. A one-of-a-kind website that combines static, reference pages and a blog featuring cases study, comments on current events and interviews, among other publications.

For a complete list of projects and accomplishments, see the “speaker” & “writer” sections.

Fascinated by cultural immersion, new acquaintances and extreme landscapes, I have now visited over 20 countries, mostly solo. (USA  -Louisiana, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Arizona, California & Alaska, Cuba, El Salvador, Spain, Israel, Mexico, Guatemala, England, Scotland,  Palestine – West Bank, Ireland, Northern Ireland, India, Hungary, Jordan Austria, Czech Republic, Peru, Poland & Bulgaria)